The first love successes of the bath tub

The entire market with bathroom equipment fell in love with the LoveStory bath tub just after it was presented. Of course, the first ones were the owners of bathroom design offices and stores. „They wanted to have the bath tub in their showrooms at every price, and they were willing to risk that it would rather act just as a magnet of attention but would not be sold that much. The more the dealers were surprised that the bath tub not only attracts customers into the stores but that it also generates high turnovers“ says Vařeka.

Its success was also based on its well prepared presentation. The photography of a bathing couple decorated many shop windows at that time. Jindřich Vařeka tells about its creation: „We made four series of pictures in total, we made hundreds of them but still, it was not what we wanted. The pair of people had not known each other before, and they were constantly "uneasy" in that situation. And we could quite understand that because we made them bath all day long and asked them to express emotions and passion which were decreasing in intensity during the course of time. However, at a certain moment, the photographer pressed the release, and we all knew that this frame would be the right one. Our models really found way to each other, and the story of the LoveStory bath tub started living its own life“.