STORZ Design

Interview with the senior designer of the STORZ studio, Jan Dědek

Same as with all other products, when developing the LoveStory bath tub we took care to create a bath tub which would not only be original but also practical and technically sophisticated. That is the reason why we contacted the top-class design studio Storz from Austria that has demonstrated its competence among others through their assignments for Adidas, Nike, Porsche or Volvo, while within the Czech Republic it works so far for RAVAK only. Designer Achim Storz drafted the first model of the LoveStory bath tub so we contacted him again for its innovation. What differences are there with LoveStory II?

„We developed the original LoveStory for people who enjoy mutual physical contact, harmony a comfort when taking a bath. The innovated LoveStory II maintains this original idea, and its playful, dynamic appearance shifts it into the context of contemporary architecture. Our goal was to show that design can be emotional and still have a clear visual expression at the same time,“ says Achim Storz, founder of the Storz studio. And thus also the new LoveStory II bath tub has the basic shape of a heart at its base (on the tub bottom) as the universal symbol of belonging, love, physical health, as well as satisfaction of feelings, but it also allows its clean lines to come out clearly together with a minimalistic expression and quality of material used for its production.

Unlike other bath tubs, the LoveStory tub enables its users to enjoy a common bath in physical contact of two people directly beside each other. It is produced with dimensions of 196 x 139 cm in left and right variants and thus it is more practical in terms of positioning inside the bathroom than ordinary corner bath tubs. The feeling of warmth and relaxation is yet intensified in case of an optional version with PU Plus technology which provides the bath tub with exceptional thermal insulation characteristics, and significantly slows down the cooling of water. The PU Plus technology is based on replacing the fibreglass layer which forms the support of the acrylate moulding with hard polyurethane foam. This provides the LoveStory bath tub with exceptional rigidity as well as thermal insulation characteristics.

“I personally like LoveStory II because it's more than an ordinary double bath tub. It is a dream come true for everybody who wants to spend time with his or her partner – you cannot avoid physical contact in this bath tub!” says Achim Storz, the creator of LoveStory bath tub.

ACHIM STORZ, top-class automotive
and sports industry designer