LoveStory I

Acrylate asymmetric bath tub LoveStory I
was produced with dimensions of 185 × 105-135 cm,
L/R variants

It served the function of a bath tub for absolutely the most comfortable bathing of two people beside each other. It was exceptional with its unparalleled and original design. LoveStory I could also be purchased in the PU Plus variant, and to equip it subsequently with the original LoveStory Atomic hydro massage system. Since not just design development goes further and we would like to offer to you this product jewel in a new look, the LoveStory I bath tub was discontinued, and we continue this legend further with the offer of bath tub LoveStory II.

LoveStory II

Acrylate asymmetric bath tub LoveStory II
with dimensions of 196 × 113,5 - 139 cm,
L/R variants

The story about love, passion and harmony with the popular LoveStory bath tub continues. The innovated LoveStory II which is a continuation of one of the most sold RAVAK bath tubs is once again based on the shape of heart which provides it with an inimitable emotional atmosphere but it also allows its clean lines to come out clearly together with the quality of material used for its production. See more at the product website.